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Over 10 years experience in event marketing.


At Green Rush B2B Expo we are committed to our vendors and customers and strive to operate with an utmost level of professionalism that comes with the personal care of a family owned business. Green Rush B2B Expo does not sell any products of our own, instead we focus on you, the customer, and how we can best promote and sell your products at our events. We are all about hosting events, both indoor and outdoor, that bring vendors and customers together through a detail oriented marketing plan.

As the country moves towards more widespread legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana – cannabis gatherings are one of the fastest growing marketplace events in America. Green Rush B2B Expo is very excited to be able to host cannabis events and use our background in event marketing to ensure your cannabis events are successful. We are looking for entrepreneurs and business vendors for some of our larger events as well as people looking for a more laid-back party style event.

At Green Rush B2B Expo, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by taking the time to invest in getting to know our clients – not merely viewing them as a transaction. Personal connection is extremely important in business, and with the growth of technology, this practice has been pushed aside. We offer personal attention to detail from our owners that many larger event-hosting companies simply cannot do. We are easy to work with and are dedicated to make sure you feel that your time and money were well spent with our company. After using Green Rush B2B Expo for event marketing, you will not feel like your time or money were wasted or poorly allocated.


Green Rush B2B Expo has been successful in event marketing for over ten years, including Green Rush B2B Expo that features many high profile vendors. Additionally we have more party based events like the Weed & Feed Fest that brings together the best in cannabis events and food events in one large scale marketed event. Being able to market both styles of events has been crucial to growing the cannabis event business and Green Rush B2B Expo continues to lead when it comes to creating diverse event structures. Our events have been highly successful when it comes to creating long-standing relationships with our clients as well as producing profitable end results. We are dedicated to getting the word out about every single one of our clients while still being easy to work with.

Being in business for over a decade, we have earned the trust of our clients and routinely come through with popular events that create profitable results. Our attention to detail and personalized relationships allow us to create longstanding business partnerships.




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